audiovisual exploration through sonic layering

audiovisual exploration through sonic layering

sound installation
13 min. composition, water, glass, metal


The three channel sound installation Audiovisual Exploration Through Sonic Layering (2018) contains three sound sculptures that each play a 13-min composition that are synced to one another.
Each sculpture, a podium and circular metal tray with material (glass, water and metal shreds) has a transducer attached, that transmits the sound of the composition, vibrating tray and materials inside, creating visual patterns and sonic layers that interact with each other constantly.
Each composition is created by combining several sine waves within a close range that merge
and pulsate in varying intervals. The space is filled by layers of sound of the composition itself,
the movement of the tray against the podium, the materials against the tray and the materials against each other; The interaction of the layers creates a new and unique sonic experience, that can be additionally altered by moving around the sculptures and the space. Interaction with the materials and the trays is encouraged in order to feel the vibrations and to listen to the change in sound and image when touch is applied. As each acoustic space is one of a kind, the piece would be experienced in different ways each time were it to be moved to other locations.